What are hunting hours?

During opening weekend, hunting starts at 12 noon and ends at sunset.  During the rest of the season, hunting starts at 10am and ends at sunset.

How do I get to Aberdeen!?!?

Aberdeen is located at the intersection of US Highway 281 from the south and US Highway 12 from the east or west.  Many hunters prefer to drive to Aberdeen since it is easily accessable by four lane highway.  Airline Transportation is also available directly to Aberdeen.  However, due to the popularity of the area during pheasant season, flights fill up early.  Some hunters prefer to fly into Minneapolis, MN, and rent a vehicle to drive the 5 hour drive to Aberdeen, SD.   

What is my limit of birds?

The daily limit in South Dakota is 3 roosters (male pheasants).  A total of 15 birds per hunter is considered the trip limit and is the max that can be transported legally in and out of state.

What is the weather like in Aberdeen?

The weather can vary drastically, so check any weather app and pack for variability.  We have hunted in 80+ degrees all the way down to well below zero.  The typical weather early in the season is in the 50s, and late in the season is in the 20s.